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22 Years of Experiences

 With over 22 years in the business, Crete Jeep Safari offers unparalleled off-road adventures. Our experienced guides ensure every trip is safe, exciting, and filled with the hidden gems of Crete.

1,200+ Road Trips

We’ve completed over 1,200 road trips, perfecting the art of adventure travel. Each journey is carefully planned to offer the best routes and stunning views, catering to all levels of explorers.

200k+ km Covered

Crete Jeep Safari takes you through the island’s most remote and beautiful areas. Our extensive mileage ensures an authentic and immersive experience in Crete’s diverse landscapes.


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The jeep safari is driving 4×4 vehicles on forest trails, with the necessary accompaniment of professional drivers. The mountains of Crete are a great opportunity for those who like adventure and off-road driving. We drive through side of eastern Crete Dikti or the Lassithi Mountains, a range with many peaks, the highest being the anonymous “2148”. The well known plateau of Lassithi spreads out between the peaks.


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We operate in the travel industry for more than 20 years!


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With more than 500 customers that loved our tours and guides

All safari tours are for all ages without any limit

You can choose to drive if you have your diving licence with you or you can just enjoy the tour as a passenger!

We will pick you up from your hotel or any other place convenient to you and will also drive you back! Arrangements can be made for small or large groups.

What Customers Said

  • Brett Duran
    Awesome experience, our guides were amazing. I would happily have paid a lot more! The bbq was incredible, what a great adventure!
  • Kathryn Sanfilippo

    Had a wonderful time with the group tour on Crete. Much respect for the Villages and the farm to table tourism.

  • Pascal Lahaye

    Very beautiful day with magnificent landscapes and a superb atmosphere!!
    Very nice team with dynamic and cool guide. Thank you very much for this beautiful moment.

  • Nathalie Nath

    Only happiness. A must do, a top and dynamic team. A breathtaking discovery of Crete. A great atmosphere and a simple but delicious and local meal.

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