Mirabello Safari


Mirabello Safari

Lato (Gr: Λατώ) was an ancient city of Crete, the ruins of which are located approximately 3 km from the small town of Kritsa. The Dorian city-state was built in a defensible position overlooking Mirabello Bay between two peaks, both of which became acropolises to the city. Although the city probably predates the arrival of the Dorians, the ruins date mainly from the Dorian period (fifth and fourth centuries BC). The city was destroyed ca. 200 BCE, but its port (Lato Etera or Lato pros Kamara), located near Agios Nikolaos was in use during Roman rule. There is some suggestion that the city was named after the goddess Leto (of which Lato is the usual Doric form) and may be mentioned in Linear B tablets as RA-TO. Lato also minted coins in antiquity, bearing the likeness of the goddess Eileithyia who appears to have been the oneparticularly worshipped at Lato. Nearchus, admiral of Alexander the Great, was born at Lato.


Safari in Mirabello

This jeep safari offers you the opportunity to discover the unique of the Cretan weather, being known for its Mild weather.Starting from the village of Sissi (old fishing village), it leads us to the cave of Milatos where we have a break for a photo stop. From here we drive away from civilization, to Agios Antonios in the direction of Monastir Xera-Xila (abandoned since the end of the 18th century).

For the first Coffee break, we rest in the village Skinias, from here we continue through the pristine nature of the coast at Vigladia where there is a delicious BBQ and a spectacular beach. And now it goes through olive groves to Vrouchas to Mirabello Bay with views to the island of Spinalonga (which was inhabited until the mid-19th century) for a briefly photo stop. From here we run into the mountains to the 2nd and last coffee break. From here begins the return trip via NeapoliVrachasi (with the old church) in the direction to Malia Cherssonissos. The way back starts around 17:00 in the afternoon.


We promise you it will be the safari of your life !!!!

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